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Marie Adrien Lavieille (1852-1911)

Marie Adrien Lavieille (22 November 1852 in Paris - 13 March 1911 in Paris), she was born Marie Petit, and was a French painter.

Born in Paris on 22 November 1852, Marie Petit studied painting with her father, the decorative painter Jean-Jacques Petit, and with Joseph Blanc.

To the left is a self portrait.

From 1876 onwards, she exhibited regularly at the Salon, which became the Salon des artistes français in 1881, and also, from 1886 to 1906, at the Salon de l'Union des femmes peintres et sculpteurs.

In 1878, she married the painter Adrien Lavieille, a friend of her father, and from then on signed her works under the name Marie Adrien Lavieille.

She was an intimate painter, particularly good at portraits and still lifes. However, her work is very diverse, reflecting many of the themes of painting and life in her time. As well as portraits - notably of her father, Jean-Jacques Petit, a decorative painter, of the painter Adrien Lavieille, whom she married in 1878, of their daughter Andrée Lavieille, who also became a painter, etc., and a self-portrait, which she painted in 1870, when she was just 18 - and still lifes, she painted interiors, a few landscapes and scenes of everyday life, particularly involving children: L'anniversaire, Sortie de classe, Maternité, Prière pour l'absent, etc.

Marie Adrien Lavieille taught drawing in Paris schools from 1879. You can find the portrait of a woman peeling potatoes in the collection or click on the photo.


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