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A delightful oil portrait painting of a girl on wood by French artist Joanny Ogier, signed and dated 1891.  An atmospheric, traditionally French school portrait of a girl, Anne-Marie Fayard who was the niece of the artist.  I just love it when I know the names of people in portraits, it stops you guessing and giving them a name conjured in your imagination.  Here, Anne-Marie looks straight at the artist, her uncle Joanny Ogier.  She wears a pretty bow over a collar at the top of her buttoned navy blue dress.  She has long strawberry blond hair tied back with a bow and green eyes that look straight at you.  The very thick oak wood board is slightly textured to the touch.  A wonderful piece of history... 


Medium: Oil on thick wood board

Overall size: 12ins x 15ins or 30cms x 38cms (all measurements are approx).

Date: 1891 - There are inscriptions on the back of the painting and frame.

Condition: This painting is in good antique condition.  It has imperfections but nothing too onerous.  The frame is the original and has had numerous renovations/repaints.  It's quite delicate, expect to see a frame that has battled to survive the passage of time!   

Signed:  Joanny Ogier 1891 (1863-1922)



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