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Beautifully atmospheric antique French landscape oil painting by Albert Regagnon (1874-1961).  A signed oil on wood board, textured to the touch and demonstrating the true competence of this artist.  In the fore, a mud track with a myriad of true to life greens dotted with pops of colour from the flowering poppies.  A house lays hidden behind some trees and beyond is likely to be the Pyrenees mountain range.  Its a good composition where your eye is drawn through the path to the lushness of the French countryside.


Medium: Oil on wood

Overall size: 17.5ins x 15.5ins or 44cms x 39cms

Date: 1910's

Condition: The painting is in good antique condition but you should imperfections throughout such as a few tiny pin head dots on the mid left of the painting, quite possibly paint flicks done by the artist at the time of painting.  The frame is also in good condition for the age, but again, imperfections throughout and some minor restaurations.

Signed: Albert Regagnon (1874-1961) Albert was born in St-Girons (Ariège) and died in Toulouse.
He was a painter of landscapes.  He exhibited in Paris at the Salon des Artistes Français, of which he was a member. In 1933, he received an honourable mention. He also exhibited in Toulouse.  He is noted for his peaceful landscapes of south-west France, the Ariège and Hautes-Pyrénées. (Benezit) He is noted in 'Akoun' with a price of 3,800€ for a larger size painting (P15)


Antique Landscape Oil Painting by Albert Regagnon

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