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RESERVED.  Antique French portrait painting of a woman.  This amazing and truly beautiful antiquity from the early 1800's is completely stunning.  A woman sits, her porcelain features merge from the dark background.  She is well painted, her stunning young face has timeless appeal.  Hair parted twice and tied back into an unassuming plaited bun.  Pearl earrings fall from her lobe, they are dainty but significant.  Her lace dress is topped with a beautifully embroidered collar, the sleeves are puffed and the bodice drawn in by a gold belt clasp.  In all, this is a classic painting on a smooth canvas that would elegance and charm to any room in your home.  A rare find.


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 24.5ins x 28.5ins or 62cms x 72cms (Approx)

Date: Early 1800's

Provenance: France.  

Signed:  No

Condition:  This painting has at some time been professionally restored and relined.  There are renovations throughout, particularly above the right shoulder, craquelure and minor imperfections throughout, a raised piece of paint, just above the gold clasp appears stable. This painting is over 200 years old and bears the passing of time, so if you like perfect things, please do not consider buying. The frame would have been fitted during the renovation. It's strong, has been painted around the edges and has imperfections thoughout such as indentations, loss of guilding and paint.  The canvas is nicely stretched on a quality chassie.

This painting is sent fully insured, track and trace with Colissimo.

Early 1800's portrait of a woman with pearl earrings

    Antique & Vintage art from France
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