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RESERVED! Antique oil painting on thick wood board of a woman dancer.  Ecole orientatiste.  This beautiful portrait is a true stunner.  Signed in the top left corner and dated in the top right 1899.  It's on a thick wood panel or board.  The artist has painted direct onto this wonderful old piece of wood and created a different, but truly wonderful portrait.   A young woman dancer with white roses either side of her hair, perhaps attached to a silk head band, which is further adorned by beads or pearls, looks direct at the artist with her hand in a thoughtful pose.  Her face is beautifully painted, her eyes especially appealing in blue/grey with the slightest tones of brown and the colours of her costume echo the colours in the wood, further enhance by her long dark hair...


Medium: Oil on thick wood

Overall size: 13.5ins x 19.5ins or 49cms x 34cms (approx)

Date: 1899

Provenance: France.  

Condition:  The painting is in good antique condition for the age, do not expect perfection.  There is missing paint here and there.  The old wood board is slightly concave.  The frame is vintage and has imperfections associated with age and use.   Expect missing moulding, nails at the corners etc.  The whole presents very well and makes a truly elegant piece.

Signed: Yes, but unreadable....

Ecole Orientaliste


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