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Vintage French post-impressionist haystack landscape by Albert Malet (1905-1986), signed in the lower left corner.  A traditional haystack composition, oil on board in an old frame.  This painting, helped by the frame has a golden glow.  Three traditional haystacks are the focus they sit in a yellow hay field against a slightly stormy sky or perhaps it is early evening when the artist comes across them.  Animated brush strokes, with a limited color palette of blues, greys and yellows, mixed on the board to give texture to the touch and animation to the eye.


Medium: Oil on wood board

Overall size: 13ins x 10.5ins or 33cms x 27cms

Date: 1940's

Signed: A Malet - Albert Malet (1905-1986) Malet (see photo) was a student of Robert Pinchon, who had himself been a student of Lebourg. He showed in Rouen, Germany, Algeria, Japan and Paris, and took part in the Salon d'Automne in Paris. A colourist with his roots in Impressionism, he is a representative of the Normandy School. He painted in Brittany and is thought to be the last of the French impressionists.

Condition: The painting is in overall good vintage condition, but you should expect minor imperfections associated with age.  The frame is vintage and has signs of wear and tear and minor renovations throughout.  


Haystacks by Albert Malet

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