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Antique impressionist oil painting of a young man or boy wearing a cap with his head turned. This attractive portrait painting, with natural hues is quite dark lending a Chiaroscuro effect to the work. Simple in it's construction and hailing from the Art Nouveau era, this painting is honest and forthright with the face of a young man or boy beautifully captured by the light coming in from the right. The tonal effects on the face, helped by impasto enforced brushed oils are delightful and the antique gilt frame adds to the overall effect.


Medium: Oil on card on stretched canvas

Overall size: 20ins x 23.5ins or 50cms x 60cms (Approx)

Date: Late 1800's

Signed: No

Condition: This painting and frame have not passed through time without scars. The painting: A wonderfully rich visual piece has craquelure and imperfections throughout. The frame: also has imperfections, particularly at the corners but overall its a good solid piece. The edges of the painting are only just covered by the frame.

This painting is sent fully insured, track and trace with Colissimo

Impressionist Portrait

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