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Large still life oil painting by French artist, Constantin Font signed in the lower left.  This very attractive oil on canvas hails from the 1930's.   A  composition that is perfection, flowers crammed and arranged not too neatly in an attractive vase, probably freshly picked from the garden.  An aqua green throw sits on the right hand side, balanced by a porcelain bird of the same colour on the left.  The flowers come in all sorts of pink, reds, whites and purple hues animated by the artist with raised petals on a slightly textured canvas.


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 15.5ins x 20.5ins or 39.5cms x 52cms (Approx)

Date: 1930's 

Signed: Constantin Font (1890-1954) Constantin Jean Lucien Antonin Font was born on 11th January 1890 in Auch, the capital of the Gers, France and died in Paris, when he was 64 years old on 25 January 1954.  He was a French Orientalist painter of genre, nudes, landscapes, sculptor and engraver.  He was also an illustrator and painted murals for French schools. 

He was a member of the Société des artistes Français and a pupil of Fernand Cormon. He was mentioned in 1910 at the Salon.  He was awarded the 1914-1918 inter-allied medal, the 1914-1918 war commemorative medal, the Orient commemorative medal and the Serbian commemorative medal.

He won a silver medal in 1921, and the same year, the Prix de Rome. That same year, he exhibited Le Cimetière d'El Kettar at the Salon des artistes français. Since then, he has been an honoured member of the Society, where he was awarded the gold medal in 1922.  He was also awarded: the Grand Prix d'Athènes, was a member of the Toulouse Academy of Fine Arts. He was made a Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honour in 1935 and he won the grand prize at the 1937 International Exhibition.  His works can be found throughout France and are displayed locally to his birthplace in Auch and  Carcassonne. 

Large floral still life by Constantin Font

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