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RESERVED - Beautiful vintage oil painting with delightful tones of greens, blues, greys and creams.  This is a painting from an accomplished artist, carved out with brush and couteau, a fine dalliance between the artist and the board.  The focus is of course on the pigeonnier, the old stone facade masterfully but lightly painted to give it rusticity and authenticity, the beautiful blue state and tiny Napoleonic shaped window    given lots of depth and distinction, framed by an animated countryside.... a real treasure...


Medium: oil on cardboard pasted to wood board

Overall size: 12.5ins x 10.5ins or 32cms x 27cms (approx)

Date: 1950's

Provenance: France

Condition: Very good condition, no visible losses.  Newly framed and ready to hang.

Signed: Andre Swimberge b1920



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