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RESERVED PLEASE DO NOT BUY Large vintage Impressionist riverscape/landscape oil painting on wood.  This is a stunning landscape painting of a tree lined lake with bold reflections in the calm waters.  Here, the artist has concentrated on the reflective elements.  The trees and shrubbery echo true to life colours while brushstrokes dance on the board to give depth and definition to the artist's work.   


Medium: Oil on board

Overall size: 29ins x 23.5ins or 73.5cms x 60cms (approx)

Date: 1946

Provenance: France.  

Condition: This painting is in very good stable vintage condition for its age.  However, I would say that it would benefit from a frame and potential backing board to give it extra stability.  The board is slightly 'wavy'.  Marks around the edges where there would have been a frame.  Some minor splitting of the paint (particularly in the sky) 


275,00 €Prix
    Antique & Vintage art from France
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