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A traditional early 19th century 'French school' male oil portrait on canvas in its original frame. A stunning portrait of a young man in a waistcoat with a frilly collared shirt.  It's in the 'Romantic' style, cupid lips match the colour of the waistcoat and dewy eyes make for an appealing composition. Hailing from the early 1800's, this is an unusual but eye catching piece work.  


Medium: Oil on canvas on board

Overall size: 18ins x 23ins or 45.5cms x 58cms (all measurements are approx).

Date: 1800's

Condition: This painting is in good and stable antique condition.  It's not perfect and there are imperfections, such as craquelure and small areas of renovation but you wouldn't expect anything else from a painting of this age.  It's in the original frame, which has suffered more than the painting with the passing of time.  Expect losses of moulding, nails at the corners etc, but the whole is quite wonderful.

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Romantic Portrait

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    Antique & Vintage art from France
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