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Beautiful old antique oil painting on canvas board by German artist, Friedrich-Georg Engler (1877-1905) signed in the upper right.  This lovely old painting has plenty of character and is exquisitely painted by a reknown German artist.  Red and pink roses sit in a glass vase.  The canvas is slightly elevated to the touch with imasto enforced petals on the main subjects.  


Medium: Oil on canvas board

Overall size: 18ins x 26ins or 46cms x 66cms (Approx)

Date: 100's

Provenance: France.  

Condition:  This painting is in good antique condition, some paint losses, nothing onerous.  The frame is of the same epoque, quite possibly the original and also has age related wear, losses of gilding, moulding/plaster, especially at the corners and in particular the lower left, visible nails etc.  The whole comes together very nicely! 

Signed: Friedrich-Georg Engler (1877-1905) Friedrich was a German artist, his work has reached 4,600 USD at Chistie's (15 June 1999) for 'A Beauty with Rhododendrons'



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