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Stunning extra large impressionist vintage oil painting of a delightful floral display of roses.  This painting hails from 1940, it's big, statement making and totally gorgeous!  A pretty blue vase sits on a table that is draped with a matching blue cloth.  The roses, leap from the over stuffed vase, perhaps they have just been picked from the garden.  White, pink, yellow and red heads intermingle to give a large and stunning display that will most likely take up the whole of a wall.  The canvas is textured to the touch because of the impasto enforced roses, the background is relatively smooth.


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 30.5ins x 35.5ins or 77cms x 90cms (Approx)

Date: 1940's

Provenance: France.  

Condition:  The painting is in very good vintage condition, it's in its original frame which has had renovations and comes ready to hang. Expect wear and tear associated with age on both elements of this ensemble.   There is some missing paint on both the canvas and the frame. Both the frame and the canvas have labels for an exhibition in Tarbes (south west France).  The whole comes together in a very delightful eye catching way...

Signed: Yvonne Mondin (1898 - 1967) 

Roses by Yvonne Mondin

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    Antique & Vintage art from France
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