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Reserved, please do not buy: Rare 19th century antique oil painting of poached salmon and parsley. This authentic mid 1800's original oil painting looks quite contemporary and would do well in a modern kitchen setting. It's very dark and with the light coming in from the left and bouncing off the white curled tablecloth. A lemon provides the colour while the salmon, ready to poach gives interest. In the dark background there is a pot and glass that you can just make up but adds an even element and weight to the composition. The canvas is fine and smooth to the touch.Medium: Oil on stretched canvasOverall size: 23.5ins x 19.5ins or 60cms x 50cms (all measurements are approx)Date: 1800'sCondition: The painting has suffered the ravages of time. There are old renovations, missing paint, and a small tear in the canvas top left, which would probably be well hidden by a frame. I have given you some ideas how this painting would look framed. I think that at some time, this painting would have been bigger, but it is on the larger side anyway. Expect imperfections throughout, afterall its almost 200 years old!! This painting comes unframed, there are some photos of what it might look like framed.Signed: No

Salmon & Parsley


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