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This gorgeous old dark and moody French oil painting from the mid 1800's is signed in the lower left corner and is in its original old frame.  Antique French sunset landscape/riverside oil painting by French artist Abel Orry on thick wood board card.  Dark and atmospheric oil painting on board featuring a sunset over a river with deer emerging from the forest under the cover of  dark.  It's a typical Barbizon oil painting, but untypically it is superbly coloured with hues of pinks and lilacs reflecting in the deep and dark tones of the river.   


Medium: Oil on thick wood

Overall size, including frame: 14.5ins x 18ins or 37cms x 46cms

Date: Mid 1800's

Condition: The painting, is in good antique condition but you should expect imperfections associated with age.  The frame again has imperfections, such as missing moulding (top right corner) and you should expect some renovations throughout, but again, it is in good condition for the age.  We prefer to keep old paintings and their frames together.  However, transporting older frames carries risks and you should be aware that although this painting will be wrapped professionally and carefully, there is a possibility that frame may suffer additional losses during transport due to vibration & movement.  To avoid any doubt, you are buying the painting and the frame comes free.  The frame is not replaceable or refundable, we can however, advise on repairs. The painting and the frame are of course, insured should the shipping company damage the box and contents during transit.   

Signed: Abel Orry  (1839 - 1886) Abel was born in Paris, he was a French artist who painted landscapes and forest scenes in the second half of the nineteenth century. Orry studied under the French painter Célestin Nanteuil (1813-1873) and exhibited his first painting at the Paris Salon in 1857. His work depicts the verdant gardens, sunlit rivers, and wintry fields of Paris, Capri, and the French countryside. One of his paintings of the famous Fontainbleau Forest (the center of the Barbizon School) is now in the collection of the Musée de Beaux-Arts in Dijon, France. Museum and Gallery Holdings: Dijon: Road to Hadrian's Villa; Winter in the Forest of Fontainebleau (Benezit)  Abel Orry is listed in Akoun with a price of 5,700€ for a painting of 65 x 50cms.  

This painting is shipped by Colissimo track and trace and fully insured

Sunset over the river by Abel Orry (1839 - 1886)

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