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Stunning large heavy vintage oil painting of an interior scene with a woman sat looking out of a window.  The detail on this painting is amazing.  A ballerina, perhaps ready for an evening show, sits in a large old house with high coved ceilings and a very large wooden door, looking out through a tall window onto the garden.  Within the room are paintings, most likely done by the same artist, Reine Virely Calmez.  The room has the typical heavy furniture that you would associate with the early to mid 20th century, a rustic table and chair and a taller piece with a drape, flowers, possibly nasturtium and the inkling of a statue.  The furniture trio is completed by a littered low bookcase.   However, it is the ballerina that steals the show.  Her graceful pose, head turned slightly and illuminated by the light from the window, legs crossed, her figure and poise expertly identified by the artist from beneath the organza.  In all a truly captivating painting.....


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 30ins x 25.5ins or 75cms x 65cms (Approx)

Date: 1950's

Provenance: France.  

Condition:  The painting is in very good vintage condition.  The frame, not the original is also vintage, again in good condition, but expect wear and tear commensurate with age. 

Signed: Reine Virely Calmez (1936-1979)  Reine was born in Nancy, France.  She was a painter of women and interior scenes, tragically she lived a very short life.

The Ballerina


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