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Antique interior scene of a woman.  This atmospheric, unusual and elegant oil on stretched canvas is truly delightful.  A very elegant woman sits by an open window and studies a portrait of her beloved.  Perhaps he is a soldier or a sailor.  Her wistful, longing expression says it.  As your eyes look around the room and the balustraded balcony beyond, you will see a well painted room, a pretty round table with flowers and another upholstered chair with an attractive rug.  It's a very effective interior scene with the added  love element which makes it all the more special.  


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 13.5ins x 19.5ins or 49cms x 34cms (approx)

Date: 1910's

Provenance: France.  

Condition:  The painting is in good antique condition, do not expect perfection.  There is a renovation, and other imperfections, but all told it is very acceptable for the age.  The frame is most likely the original, again expect imperfections due to wear and tear, for example missing moulding.  Please study the photos carefully as they form part of this description.  The whole presents very well and makes an elegant piece.

Signed: F. Schmit (XIX's - XX's)

The Longing

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    Antique & Vintage art from France
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