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Antique French female oil portrait in a gilt frame from the 1800's.  This is a beautiful, calming, graceful and atmospheric old oil painting on canvas in a mellow gilt frame.  A woman in evening dress looks sideways with a slight smile.  Her big brown soulful eyes glance downwards demurely, her hair parted simply in the middle and tied back in true Emily Bronte style.  Her dress, worn off the shoulder tells me that this is around 1860.  The composition sits nicely within the frame with good tonal hues on a smooth canvas. It's a rare, simple, but highly effective female 19th century portrait and would look stunning anywhere...


Medium: Oil on canvas

Overall size: 19.5ins x 23ins or 50cms x 59cms (Approx)

Date: 1860's

Signed:  No

Condition:  This painting has not passed through time without scars.  A good visual piece with old renovations and imperfections such as missing paint (particularly on the bottom right of the painting) throughout as well as some craquelure (see photos).  It was most likely a larger painting at some time which suffered damage and was placed in this frame probably in the late 1800's.  The frame has had damage throughout and a recent restauration, expect imperfections throughout.

Traditional 1860's French Portrait


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