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This is a wonderful old French landscape oil painting by Armand Auguste Balouzet (1858-1905).  It's signed in the lower right, A Balouzet.  A painting of light and shadows, depth and colour.  A wooded hilly enclave slightly dark, because of the trees and their shadows, runs down to a luminous path which your eye follows to the blue sky beyond.  It's a classic Barbizon scene with deep, luscious colours in an amazing array of greens which gives impact and total reality.  The board is almost smooth to the touch with busy brushstrokes which dart across the board


Medium: Oil on board

Overall size: 27.5ins x 24ins or 70cms x 60cms (all measurements approx)

Date: 1800's

Condition: The painting is in very good antique condition,minimal paint losses.  The frame, most likely the original is quite magnificent, it weights 7.5kg, very heavy and very frou-frou French!!  It's in good condition for the age but you should expect limited damage at the corners, wear and tear and some minor repairs. The whole is quite spectacular!

Signed: Armand Auguste Balouzet (1858-1905), read more about this artist in our artist's archive.  Armand is listed in Akoun, with an average price of 4,500€ for a painting 65cm x 50cm (15P)

Armand Auguste Balouzet Landscape


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