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Beautiful muted antique French (Barbizon) school oil on canvas board by Alexandre Dronsart (1890 - 1953).  This is what I call a 'quiet' painting, one that doesn't shout but still makes a big impact on the atmosphere and calmness of a room.  It's French school, in true Barbizon style, with a person walking down a county path, heading towards a village or enclave of houses.  It's the palette that the artist has used that will strike a note with you, hints of lilacs and purple haze, gorgeous greens and the juxtaposition of the darkness of the trees against the light of the field in the fore, making this a very astute and dignified composition.  The canvas is relatively smooth.. 


Medium: Oil on canvas on wood board.

Overall size: 26.5ins x 17.5ins or 67cms x 45cms

Date: 1920's

Condition: The painting is in good vintage condition.  It has in the distant past, most likely been taken off its wooden chassis and pasted to board to help conserve in.  Additionally, it is safely wrapped in a gold coloured wood frame, which is vintage and shows limited signs of wear and tear.  

Signed: in the bottom left, Alexandre Dronsart (1880-1953)

Champs de Barbizon


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