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Rare antique French oil painting of fish, crabs and eggs, ideal for a kitchen or dining room in an antique gold frame.  The board is light with a subtil background.  A typical kitchen scene with a draped tea towel, mixing bowl, eggs and green pot as well as fish with a myriad of authentic colours and a couple of crabs.  It looks like dinner is being prepared!  The painting is smooth to the touch.

Medium: Oil on cardboard

Overall size: 25.5ins x 20.5ins or 65cms x 50cms (all measurements are approx)

Date: 1900's

Condition: The painting is in good antique condition, however there are imperfections associated with age. Losses and thinning of paint throughout.  Small imperfections throughout.  The frame, from the same era has plenty of imperfections, missing mouding and indentations. 

Signed: Léon Giran-Max (1867-1927).  Signed in the upper left corner with Initials up right corner. Read about Léon in our Artist's Archive on the website.

Nature Morte


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