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1920's oil painting of the mythical, magical three graces on canvas by Belgium artist, Maurice Jean Lefebvre (1873-1954).  Various interpretations of the three graces have been identified throughout the ages and they are featured in the painting Primavera by Sandro Botticelli as far back as the late 1400's. Here the artist has given us an impressionist rendition of his interpretation of the subject matter with a classical temple background of the three graces bathing.  The paint is laid thinly but effectively on the canvas to give a slightly textured finish.


Medium: Oil on stretched canvas

Overall size: 14ins x 18ins or 35cms x 45cms (Approx)

Date: 1920's

Signed:  Maurice Jean Lefebvre (1873-1954)

Condition:  This painting is in good antique condition, but you should expect imperfections associated with a piece this age.  You can see faint lines where the artist has marked out the perspective of the painting.  The frame is also in good condition, again expect imperfections.

This painting is sent fully insured, track and trace with Colissimo.

The Three Graces


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